China: Emergency Appeal - Assist quake survivors in Pu'er city, Yunnan

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Red Cross Actions

A Hong Kong Red Cross staff reached the disaster area on 5 Jun to help monitor the disaster situation and distribute rice valued RMB100,000 to the disaster victims. In addition, more than 900 pieces of clothes are also ready for dispatching to the disaster zones.

Soon after the earthquake, assessment teams of the Red Cross Society of China (RCSC) Headquarters and Yunnan Red Cross have reached the disaster-stricken zones to assess further relief needs. So far 150 tents, 2,500 blankets, 35 tons of rice, 400 family kits and medicine valued RMB 500,000 relief items have been distributed to the victims.

Disaster Situation

An earthquake measuring Richter scale 6.4 struck Ning'er county of Yunnan province on 3 June 2007 (Sunday). According to the statistics provided by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the intense earthquake, with the highest magnitude in Yunnan province since the devastating Lijiang Earthquake happened in 1996, caused 3 dead, 313 injured, 180,000 people being relocated and more than 536,000 people affected. More than 90,000 houses collapsed and 270,000 houses were wrecked, with an economic loss amounting to RMB 2.5 billion. At present, lots of people are still staying in the temporary shelters waiting for assistance.

Means of Donation

The HKRC appeals to the Hong Kong community for their generous donations in support of the emergency quake relief operation in Yunnan. Donations can be made by:

1. Direct transfer to the "Hong Kong Red Cross China Relief Fund" bank accounts:

HSBC: 004-567-650155-016
Hang Seng Bank: 024-267-175123-001
Bank of China: 012-806-0-000161-7
Bank of East Asia: 015-514-40-39966-3

2. Crossed cheques (made payable to the "Hong Kong Red Cross China Relief Fund") to Hong Kong Red Cross International & Relief Service Department, 33 Harcourt Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.

3. Credit Card

4. On-line donation

5. Payment by Phone Service: (Merchant Code: Hong Kong Red Cross-9167)
(If you don't have Donor ID No., please contact us for details.)

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