China: Earthquake Information - Bulletin n° 6

This Information Bulletin is for information only. The Federation is not seeking any funding or other assistance from donors for this operation at this time but this may change according to circumstances.

The Situation

Update on Jiashi County given by the Head of the County:

There are 13 townships in total in Jiashi, nine have been affected at different degrees. The region is desert. township has 35 villages and a total population of 32,000. There are 480 destitute families. There is little to water and there is no sanitation in homes, only in schools and clinics. A water project had been initiated three villages by the World Bank but has not been completed.

Statistics related to Disaster

No deaths or injuries in Jiashi county

5,197 families affected (21,802 people)

507 houses collapsed (nobody in these houses at the time of the earthquake as these had been seriously damaged during a previous earthquake last January)

407 families are living with relatives and/or neighbour

18,000 families are homeless in the prefecture of Kaxgar

Food is sufficient for the time being but there are concerns in the mid to long term. The county's authority distributed; 500 winter jackets, 80 stoves, 5 tons of wheat flour and 11 tons of coal.

Urgent needs: 10,000 tents for schools, medical facilities and housing in Bachu County and 100 large tents schools and medical facilities in Jiashi county

Red Cross/Red Crescent Action

The American Embassy has contributed 100,000 US to be used for food. Wheat flour and oil will purchased.

100 tents were donated by Jiangsu Red Cross branch and will be distributed to the affected population Qongkurqak (Bachu county). 400 medical boxes of medicine were donated by a local pharmaceutical company.

Oxfam Hong Kong has concluded a partnership with the Xinjiang Provincial Red Cross Branch. They agreed to assist the affected population of one of the most destitute and remote villages in Qongkurqak township. They have donated 900 winter jackets and 750 quilts for the village population of 300 families Oxfam will start distributing the goods next week,

The International Federation has not received any request for international assistance.
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