China: Earthquake - Information Bulletin n° 5

This Information Bulletin is for information only. The Federation is not seeking any funding or other assistance from donors for this operation at this time but this may change according to circumstances.
The Situation

The International Federation Delegate and the Red Cross Society of China headquarters assessment team have arrived in the affected areas. They have confirmed the following:

The epicentre is located in sparsely populated Jiashi County. Of the counties/cities affected (Bachu, Jiashi, Yuepuhu, Yingjisha, Maigati, Shule, Shufu and Kashi), Bachu is the most affected county.

The total population in Bachu county is 260,000. The county is divided into 17 townships of which six have been affected by the quake. Qungkunchack is the worst affected township. The earthquake is the worst of all times to strike in this area.

Of the 268 confirmed deaths, 267 are in Bachu county and one in Jiashi county. A total of 119,899 people (26,746 families) have been affected by the disaster. Nine villages were destroyed. 26,746 houses need to be rebuilt, 6,700 in Qungkunchack alone. Four thousand people were injured in Bachu county. 65,084 livestock are reported dead. The total estimated economic loss is 1,197,380,000 RMB (196,291,000 CHF). 1,213 classrooms destroyed (260 classrooms in Qungkunchack alone). Five clinics/hospitals destroyed in Bachu county.

Many families have removed from the rubble their cooking utensils and are cooking outside. Emergency relief items have reached the affected area. The Chinese Red Cross is distributing 1,000 winter jackets and 2,000 quilts.

The tents donated by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and Xinjiang authorities are being distributed to the population. Outstanding needs: 1,000 tents and clean drinking water for 37,000 people.

The International Federation has not received any request for international assistance.

The International Federation Delegate is available for on the spot interviews (for details contact the Regional Information Delegate in Beijing on +86 1350 1205972).

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For further details please contact :

  • Richard Grove-Hills, Head of Regional Delegation, Beijing; Cell Phone +86 1350 120 5973 ; Fax +86 10 65 327 166.
  • Aurelia Balpe, Phone 41 22 7304352; Fax 41 22 733 0395; email

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