China earthquake: Chinese Red Cross Situation Report 27 Feb 2003

According to the updated report from Xinjiang Red Cross and the latest news, there have been 266 people killed and more than 4,000 injured in the earthquake. Most of the casualties are reported to be in Bachu County. Survivors are living in tents and temporary shelters made of plastic sheets. The urgent needs are clean drinking water, winter clothes, blankets, tents, and coal because of the cold weather (-2=B0C). Roads are still accessible. According to the earthquake forecast, there is still possibility of aftershocks of 6.0 or higher on the Richter scale.
A relief team led by the Executive Vice President of Xinjiang Red Cross reached the affected area at the noon of 25 Feb., bringing 2,000 pieces of clothing and 1,000 quilts from its DP center.

An assessment team was dispatched from Chinese Red Cross Headquarters yesterday. Jasmina, International Federation China Reporting Delegate, joined the team this morning in Urumqi. The team is due to arrive on the disaster site 27th morning.

Chinese Red Cross has transferred RMB 250,000 emergency relief funds to Xinjiang Red Cross to purchase clothes, blankets, and other necessity items.

Pledges received: RMB 150,000 from Shanghai Red Cross; RMB 50,000 from Shandong Red Cross; RMB 50,000 from Yunnan Red Cross; RMB 50,000 and 100 tents from Jiangsu Red Cross; US$ 100,000 from Taiwan Red Cross Organisation; Hong Kong Red Cross agreed to release their relief items of RMB 500,000 in the Xinjiang Red Cross DP Center; Medicine of RMB 1.12 million from Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Co.; Winter coats of RMB 1 million from a clothes manufacturer in Shenzhen.

Chinese Red Cross Headquarters is seeking public assistance through media. Several national societies have shown their deep concerns. International support will be appreciated. We are keeping a close eye on the situation and will keep you informed.