China earthquake 2008: Work Report no. 02

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The First Rehabilitation, Prosthetic and Orthotic Centre Opened After Sichuan Earthquake

Jointly operated by the Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) and the DeYang Disabled Persons' Federation, the "DeYang Disabled Person's Federation, Hong Kong Red Cross Rehabilitation, Prosthetic and Orthotic Centre" (the Centre) has opened officially this morning in DeYang city of Sichuan, after being in service for 4 months. The Centre is the first Rehabilitation, Prosthetic and Orthotic institute which provides free of charge prosthesis installment and comprehensive rehabilitation to the affected communities of the "5.12 Earthquake". By end of last month, the Centre has served more than 240 disable people, as well as provided prosthesis installation and other rehabilitation services to more than 100 patients.

The Hon. Sir TL Yang, GBM, JP, Chairman of HKRC said , "The HKRC and the DeYang Disabled Persons' Federation joint hands with the Disabled Persons' Federation and Red Cross in Guangdong province, Shenzhen and Yunnan province to set up the Centre. We believe the Centre can provide the best care for the affected people in order to enhance their self care ability, and facilitate them to be better integrated into their respective communities."

Mr. K M Chan, Secretary General of HKRC said, "Since there are very few rehabilitation centres in the mainland which provide one-stop service, the HKRC has mobilized rehabilitation professionals from different organizations in Hong Kong to develop such integrated service model. It is hoped that by introducing the advanced technologies and management experiences to the Centre, we can introduce a one-stop service model to the local community." The one-stop service model includes providing free consultation, testing, production, installment, trial, rehabilitation, repair and maintenance services to the disabled. The disabled could enhance their self care ability as well as vocational ability, through physiotherapy, occupational therapy, clinical psychology and community rehabilitation programs. The Centre also provides relevant trainings to working staff, volunteers and the patients' relatives. It aims to create a safe, accessible, convenient and comfortable environment to the disabled.

DeYang is one of the most affected areas after the 5.21 Earthquake. The death tolls has hit 17,137, while 570 people are reported missing while 74,086 people are injured. The Earthquake has caused thousands of new cases of disabled in DeYang city.

The HKRC plans to allocate at least RMB50 million of its received donations for the Centre. K M Chan said, "The core staff in difference units of the Centre come from Hong Kong while local staff also participate in every step for the treatment. In fact, we also have a mission to train up local professionals." The Centre will be handed over to DeYang Disabled Person's Federation after 5 years while the HKRC will continue to provide technical support.


The Hong Kong Red Cross would like to express our gratitude to the generous support of the Hong Kong community to our 5.12 Sichuan Earthquake relief and reconstruction operation. The Hong Kong Red Cross has been rendering relief to the affected communities shortly after the earthquake, and has now focused our work on the rehabilitation of local communities. As the emergency relief needs have been largely met, starting from 1 August 2008, all donations received by the "Hong Kong Red Cross China Relief Fund" bank accounts will be used for supporting other disaster related work in China, except those specified donations for the Sichuan Earthquake. In addition, donations received via "7-Eleven" after 31 July 2008 will be allocated to support the humanitarian work of the Hong Kong Red Cross.


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