China earthquake 2008: Work Report no. 01

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Kick-off of Hong Kong Red Cross 5.12 Earthquake Rehabilitation Project at Shaanxi

Not only Sichuan Province was seriously affected in the 5.12 Earthquake, the disastrous earthquake also caused serious damages to its neighboring province, Shaanxi. Shaanxi, ranked last 4 among all provinces on the peasant annual income in 2007, has very low self-recovery capacity. Many mud-built houses were collapsed in the disaster and students had to move to temporary tents and buildings for schooling. All these have shown the urgency of the rehabilitation projects in Shaanxi.

HKRC has mobilized RMB 55million for the rehabilitation projects in Shaanxi

After conducting thorough field visits and site assessments, HKRC has decided to mobilize RMB 55 million for the rehabilitation projects in two counties which suffered the most in Shaanxi in the disaster, namely Ningqiang and Lueyang.

The rehabilitation projects include the reconstruction of 2223 village houses, 3 township hospitals, 7 township schools and 40 village clinics. Following the Foundation Laying Ceremony of HKRC-funded Da'an Secondary School Rehabilitation Project on 17 Sept, 2008, other projects in Shaanxi have been launched as well.

To ensure the construction quality of all rehabilitation projects met with the government standard and to spend the donations in an effective and efficient way, all projects would be monitored by Red Cross employed engineer. Upon the completion of the reconstruction works, independent auditing firm would be invited to review the projects while the HKRC would continue to send its staff to follow-up and monitor the work progress closely.


The Hong Kong Red Cross would like to express our gratitude to the generous support of the Hong Kong community to our 5.12 Sichuan Earthquake relief and reconstruction operation. The Hong Kong Red Cross has been rendering relief to the affected communities shortly after the earthquake, and has now focused our work on the rehabilitation of local communities. As the emergency relief needs have been largely met, starting from 1 August 2008, all donations received by the "Hong Kong Red Cross China Relief Fund" bank accounts will be used for supporting other disaster related work in China, except those specified donations for the Sichuan Earthquake. In addition, donations received via "7-Eleven" after 31 July 2008 will be allocated to support the humanitarian work of the Hong Kong Red Cross.


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