China: Donations pouring into Yunnan quake-hit area

The Chinese Red Cross' first batch of relief materials were distributed to victims of quake-hit Puer areas of Yunnan province yesterday at the affected area. RCSC vice president Su Juxiang who is leading an assessment team there, gave the supplies to some victims and visited some victims living at tents.

Guangdong and Shanghai branches of the Society has separately donated some relief goods to their Yunan counterpart. The Guangdong's donation is worth 100,000 yuan and Shanghai's is 300,000 yuan.

"The One Fund" managed by RCSC has also donated 100,000 yuan in cash for relief operation in Yunnan.

Meanwhile, Governments, companies, universities and individuals have been offering donations and assistance to the quake-stricken area in southwest China's Yunnan Province after the disaster happened on Sunday.

According to Xinhua News Agency, the provincial civil affairs department had received more than 17 million yuan as of Tuesday afternoon, which was donated by the Ministry of Railways, Beijing municipal government, China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation, among others.

The Yunnan branch of China Development Bank has loaned 30 million yuan to Pu'er city government on Tuesday for emergency relief.

On Tuesday, power supplies were restored in most of the villages in Ning'er County.

"The quake destroyed the grid network in the counties of Ning'er, Mojiang and Jinggu, the worst case in nearly a decade," said Zhao Jianning, deputy general manager of Yunnan Power Grid Company, which donated one million yuan to the stricken area on Tuesday.

The company worked out four emergency schemes to ensure power supplies for the seat of Ning'er County immediately when the disaster took place.

Staff from Zhao's company were arranged at hospitals, public areas and rescue operation headquarters around the clock.