China to build up disaster mitigation system for flood control and drought relief in 2020

On Jan. 29, the Decision of Central Committee of CPC and State Council to Step up the Development and Reform of Water Conservancy was released, which is the 8th No. 1 document of the Central government on agriculture, farmer and rural areas since the 21th century. The document puts forward to enhance emergency response capabilities on flood control and drought relief, strengthen capabilities on monitoring, early warning, scientifically develop water resources in the air and promote the construction of hydrological and meteorological infrastructure to enhancing service level. This is the 7th time of requirement from the Central government on meteorological work in the new century.

The Decision points out that, with the development of industrialization and urbanization, the global climate change are producing more effects, which poses severe challenge to disaster mitigation and the situation of dependence of agriculture on the nature. In 2010, the severe drought in Southwest China, heavy floods in many provinces, and parts of severe flash flooding and landslides send warning to us.

The Decision puts forward to establishing flooding control and drought relief system in 2020 with special attention to enhance capability on flood control in major cities and protection areas, and strengthen capability on drought relief. In the 12th Five Year Plan period, China will finish the management on major rivers and the construction on reinforcement of small reservoirs and early warning system on flash flooding and forecast.

The Decision emphasizes to enhance capability of emergency response on flood control and drought relief. Strengthen capability construction of monitoring and early warning to enhance forecast level on rainfall and drought. Enhance pilot area construction of rain and snow enhancement, and develop water resources in the air. Strengthen the support for hydrometeorology and water conservancy. Strengthen the infrastructure construction of hydrometeorology, enlarge the field, optimize the distribution, step up the capability construction on mobile monitoring in case of emergency and realize date sharing.

It is informed that, to implement the spirit of the No. 1 document and the conference of the Central Government on rural areas, China Meteorological Administration (CMA) is communicating with related sectors and making specific implementation view. The implementation view will focus on strengthening meteorological service for agriculture, constructing the Two System, enhancing capability of meteorological service for agriculture, farmers, and the rural areas and disaster mitigation, vigorously enhancing the capability of weather modification for support of agriculture production, and strengthening organization and leadership. CMA aims to construct and improve the meteorological service system and disaster mitigation system in rural areas, enhance the monitoring, early warning and forecasting capability, enhance capability of developing water resources in the air and address climate change, and expand public meteorological service and coverage. (Feb. 1)

Reporter Wang Chen
Editor Zhang Yong