Appeal No. MAACN001 Mid-Year Report 2011


This report covers the period from 1 January to 30 June 2011.

In brief

Programmes summary:

Sichuan earthquake 3 rd anniversary Over the past three years, the Red Cross Society of China (RCSC), along with support from its domestic and international partners and donors, had undertaken a massive reconstruction effort that included the reconstruction of 183,179 houses, 2,114 schools, 5,123 clinics, community activity centres, rehabilitation centres, rural water facilities, homes for the disabled and elderly, and preparedness centres across the six affected provinces. By the end of February 2011, 97.6 per cent of these projects have reached completion.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) had supported the RCSC in the recovery and reconstruction phase through a wide range of programmes and capacity building. In addition, IFRC supported reconstruction efforts by providing cash grants to over 62,000 households in Sichuan. In addition to shelter construction support, community-based programmes including health and psychosocial care, water and sanitation, livelihoods and disaster preparedness were carried out to communities where family homes were reconstructed.

Emergency response teams After the agreement with RCSC on the development plan was confirmed in January, the Yunnan and Hubei Red Cross branch started maintenance and replacing equipment, as well as beginning provincial standard operation procedures development.
Disaster preparedness centres Among the total planned six disaster preparedness centres in Sichuan, five have completed pre-construction preparation work.