AMDA Medical Camp in Sichuan, China

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As a commemorative effort for Sichuan Earthquake in May 2008, AMDA conducted medical activities from 13th - 22nd of December 2009 in Sichuan, China. Targeted at the local school pupils, the activities mainly focused on the prevention of the widespread H1N1 flu.

AMDA, with its collaborating partner Sichuan Academy of Chinese Medicine Science (SACMS) visited three main schools that are badly affected by the 2008 earthquake. The team conducted activities as below:

1) Medical checkup for middle school pupils

A team of twelve doctors and six nurses from Guang Yuan Zhong Guang Hospital conducted a medical checkup for 1,183 students. Every student was checked for height, weight, blood pressure, vision, colour discrimination, ear, teeth and throat, abdominal and internal checkup and so forth. Among the findings, 11% of examined students had a perfect health. Most of the students were suffering from regular illnesses such as hypo-chromatopsia, myopia, simple goiter, otitis media, colour blindness, flat foot, obesity and anemia.

2) Prevention and awareness education against H1N1 flu

Realizing the importance of prevention of H1N1, AMDA and SACMS organized awareness and prevention education for children in two different schools. In total about 800 students from Shang Xi Primary School in Guang Yuan and Yan Jiang Primary School in Du Jiangyan received the informative session. After the session, both schools received the donation of TCM tablets for H1N1 flu.

3) Anti-H1N1 flu medicine distribution for pupils

With the help of SACMS, AMDA also distributed traditional Chinese medicine tablets to students for prevention of H1N1 flu infection. These tablets were, according to SACMS, well recommended by the government and will be a great help for the children who cannot afford them otherwise. AMDA donated 2,400 boxes of tablets for the students. The donation was carried out in two main schools in the affected area; Shang Xi Primary school of Guang Yuan District and YanJiang Primary school in Du Jiangyan District.

AMDA also provided thermometers as well as story books for children in several schools.