ACT Update China 02/2003: Earthquake

Geneva, 14 March, 2003 - ACT member, Amity Foundation reports that an earthquake measuring 5.8 Richter scale struck China again on Wednesday March 12. The epicenter was in the same area where the February 24 quake occurred in the Xinjiang region close to Bachu and Jiashi county towns. According to official statistics, 798 houses that had been slightly damaged by the first earthquake were flattened this time while another 1,165 houses were seriously damaged. No casualties were reported. Only one person was slightly injured, as warnings of serious aftershocks kept people alert.
The Xinjiang Autonomous Region of China was struck by an earthquake, measuring 6.8 Richter scale, on February 24. 268 people were killed and more than 4,000 injured, of which 2058 seriously. Over 8,800 houses were flattened and more than 9,000 seriously damaged. 103 village schools and 16 clinics were severely damaged and water and power supply facilities in some areas completely destroyed.

Amity Foundation reports that 2,000 quilts and 50 tents have been already transported to the target areas and delivered to the target beneficiaries. It was completed on 8 March. The second batch of 2,000 quilts and the rest 50 tents are scheduled to be delivered to the target areas on 19 March. To deliver this relief they have used resources borrowed from their revolving fund for emergency assistance materials and contributions already received from ACT members.

An ACT appeal for U$437,518 will be issued on Monday. ACT CO encourages funding members to support Amity Foundation request.

Thank you for your attention.

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