ACT Update China 01/2003: Earthquake

Geneva, 4 March, 2003 - ACT member, Amity Foundation has finished the assessment of needs in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region of China struck by an earthquake, measuring 6.8 Richter scale, on February 24.
According to their report 268 people were killed and more than 4,000 injured, of which 2058 seriously. Over 8,800 houses were flattened and more than 9,000 seriously damaged. 103 village schools and 16 clinics were severely damaged and water and power supply facilities in some areas completely destroyed.

Government relief activities are well under way. Materials are being transported to the quake-hit areas. The victims are being care for, and the basic needs taken care of. However, there are still great need. The snowfall and low temperatures have made life very difficult for people who do not have adequate shelter and protection against the elements.

According to the Amity Foundation report, the townships affected by the earthquake are very poor. The average annual net income per capita is only about 800 yuan (about U$ 72). The local government has already designed a rehabilitation plan that should be finished by September, 2003. However, funds are short. Therefore, support by friends at home and abroad are greatly encouraged and welcomed, reports Amity Foundation.

Amity Foundation, plans to provide assistance in the relief and rehabilitation efforts. Their initial estimated activities and budget are:

Villages schools
Water tower
Total initial estimated budget:

The ACT CO is in communication with Amity Foundation about the appeal. The ACT CO request funding members to indicate possible support to the proposed relief and rehabilitation activities.

Thank you for your attention.

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