ACT News Update China: Local ACT member assessing needs of earthquake victims

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Geneva, February 28, 2003 - Amity Foundation, a member of the global alliance Action by Churches Together (ACT) International, is assessing the needs of the people affected by the earthquake that struck China's Xinjiang Autonomous Region early on February 24. The Xinjiang region is located in a remote part of northwest China.

Ping Ping Shao of Amity Foundation reports that the agency has ordered 4,000 cotton-pad quilts to be delivered to the area, where the earthquake claimed 262 lives. Official figures put those injured at 2050.

Shao writes that 8,800 houses were either flattened or severely damaged in the three worst affected townships of Qiongkuqiake, Alager and Silibuya in Bachu County - the county most affected by the earthquake. "Water, power supply lines and communication services were almost all destroyed," in both Bachu and Jiashi Counties.

The search and rescue operations are now complete. Shao says people "buried in flattened houses have all been helped out. The seriously wounded were sent to nearby cities for medical treatment". Fire engines are being used to carry water to areas that had their water supplies cut off and more than 11,000 tents, many quilts, clothing, food rice and medicine have been delivered to the quake-hit areas. Shao writes that more quilts, clothing, food rice and other life necessities are on their way. "Relief work is well in progress."

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