ACT Appeal China: Yunnan Province Earthquakes - ASCN-01


Appeal Target : US$ 211,424
Geneva, 25 January 2000

Dear Colleagues,

Two earthquakes measuring 5.9 and 6.5 on the Richter Scale hit Dayao County and Yao An County in southwest China's Yunnan Province on 15 January 2000 causing considerable damage to public and private property and rendering more than 150,000 persons homeless.

As food, clothing, cotton quilts and shelter are the most urgent needs at present ACT Member The Amity Foundation allocated US$ 48,426 from its revolving fund for immediate assistance to the victims. Amity now proposes to distribute shelter materials and cotton quilts to vulnerable, homeless families exposed to the freezing temperatures.

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The Amity Foundation


Amity is an independent, church-related relief and development organisation aiming at promoting health, education, social services and rural development projects as well as undertaking emergency relief and rehabilitation programmes in times of disasters. Amity is legally registered as a non-profitable organisation and has been serving society and the people in China for the last 14 years. Amity has successfully implemented several emergency projects with ACT network assistance in the past few years.


Two earthquakes measuring 5.9 and 6.5 on the Richter scale hit Yao An County, Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China on January 15, 2000. Official reports (16 January) reveal that: 5 people were killed, 1,572 injured, and 156,378 rendered homeless. 8,884 room units have collapsed, and 23,048 have been seriously damaged along with 155 schools destroyed or damaged. The economic loss is estimated at 1,08 billion yuan (about USD 131 million).

Limited loss of lives and relatively low casualty figures are attributed to sparse population in the mountainous areas and evacuation after the first tremor.

Yaoan County is located in the hilly areas in the north part of Yunnan Province. It is one of the poorest counties in China with the average annual income per capita below 800 yuan. Minority people account for 40% of its total population.

It is characterized with the typical climate of a high, cold area. At this time of the year, the wind is strong and piercing, the temperature remains around 15 degrees centigrade during the day and drops sharply below zero centigrade at night.

Impact on Human Life

Food, clothing, cotton quilts and shelters are the most urgent needs of those persons rendered homeless by the earthquakes. At present, those affected are living on rice dug out of the ruins, or food allocated to them by the local government. Those whose homes have been destroyed have to make do with tents made out of straw with a thin plastic covering which do very little to keep out the intense cold of the sub-zero night-temperatures not to mention rain or snow.


The aim is to provide life saving assistance to the most vulnerable families in the worst hit townships of Guantun, Dahekou, Taiping and Zuomen.


Amity has selected a total of 7,560 most vulnerable, homeless families (37,800 people) in the townships of Guantun, Dahekou, Taiping and Zuomen - four of the worst affected areas.


In view of the cold temperatures, Amity plans to distribute shelter materials in the form of 40 m2 of water and wind proof cloth to each family, which is sufficient to cover the outer surface of a straw hut and give some protection and warmth to the scanty shelters. In addition two cotton quilts per family will be distributed, which will provide better protection against the bitter cold of the winter nights.


A local relief implementation group has been set up for Amity's relief work. The branch head from Yunnan Provincial Political Consultation Committee will be the group leader. Representatives from Yunnan Christian Council, relevant county departments, township departments and related villages will be the group members. The implementation group will assess and provide feedback on the situation in the quake areas. The group will collaborate with Amity to design relief work, and to procure and distribute relief materials.

Amity Foundation is the main operating body throughout the relief efforts. It plays key roles in planing and managing the relief work. It supervises and monitors during the whole operation process. It coordinates for the smooth implementation of the relief work and ensures that the relief funds are used as planned. Adjustments to the project may be made based on feedback from the implementation group, consultations with different sources and first-hand information obtained from Amity staff field trips.


All relief materials will be purchased locally and in order to ensure quality and cost effectiveness, several manufacturers have been invited to make quotes. Choice of suppliers shall be made based on comparison between the quality, the price, the supply period and the service they offer.

The suppliers will deliver the relief materials to the designated areas.

Distribution of relief materials is expected to be completed by mid-March and final reports will be submitted by mid-April 2000.

ACT is a worldwide network of churches and related agencies meeting human need through coordinated emergency response.

The ACT Coordinating Office is based with the World Council of Churches (WCC) and the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) in Switzerland.


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