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Geneva, 24 May 2013

Dear Colleagues,

At 08:02 on 20 April 2013, Beijing time, a level 7 earthquake hit Lushan County of Yaan City, Sichuan Province. Along with thousands of aftershocks, the earthquake caused severe damages in the affected areas. As at 12 May 2013, 8,791 aftershocks have been recorded, over 186,300 houses in rural areas and 6,700 houses in urban areas have totally collapsed. The death toll has reached 196 with 21 missing, 13,484 injured and over two million people affected.

Immediately following the earthquake the central government allocated 47,000 tents, 199,000 sets of quilts, 10,000 set of clothes, 10,000 bedding sets, 70,000 boxes of instant food and 40,000 bottles drinking water to the affected areas.

ACT member, Amity Foundation, initiated its disaster contingency plan and the Amity Emergency Response Team was dispatched to the quake area within hours of the quake. The second day Amity delivered the first batch of relief materials comprising bottled water, biscuits, mosquito repellent and tents to Tianquan County. Based on the result of needs assessments, more Amity staff have been dispatched around 20 Amity staff are in the affected areas. The team is divided into several groups for needs assessment, procurement, logistics, distribution, evaluation and monitoring.

Currently there is a gap between the huge needs and relatively limited resources. Immediately following the quake, most relief resources were sent to Lushan County (i.e. the epicentre) while other more remote areas received very limited assistance. Consequently, to make better use of resources available, Amity has decided to assist the affected communities in the more remote, mountainous areas of Tianquan and Baoxing where destruction of property and infrastructure were just as serious as that in Lushan County.

Amity plans to assist the most vulnerable, resource poor affected in the remote mountainous areas with food (rice and cooking oil) and non-food items (quilts and plastic sheeting) during the crisis phase.

During the post crisis phase, Amity plans to assist the most vulnerable families in rebuilding quake-resistant homes, regaining livelihood activities, ensuring sustainable clean water supplies and psychosocial assistance in the form of community activities.

This appeal replaces the Preliminary Appeal issued 24 April 2013.