ACT Alliance Appeal: Response to Ludian Earthquake – CHN141, China

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Appeal Target: US$653,167

Balance Requested: US$469,314

At 16:30 on 3 August 2014, Beijing Time, an earthquake with magnitude 6.5 hit Ludian County of Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province. The epicenter of the quake was recorded in Longtoushan Township, 23 kilometers (14 miles) southwest of Zhaotong. Hundreds of aftershocks were felt afterwards causing heavy damages in the affected areas.

Soon after the disaster, the China National Commission for Disaster Reduction and Ministry of Civil Affairs initiated a National Grade III Disaster Response and dispatched a working group to the quake zone. On 11 AM 4th August, the National Disaster Response was raised to Grade I, the highest in recent four years. Premier Li Keqiang made a visit to the quake zone in the afternoon of 4 August and oversaw the on-going relief work. A total of 617 people were reported to be killed, 112 were missing, and 3,143 had been injured. The affected area lies in a mountainous region, known for its natural scenery and ethnic diversity, but is also prone to natural disasters and lies on a major earthquake fault line.

To date, the Ministry of Civil Affairs has released 44,510 tents, 50 temporary toilets, 10,000 emergency lights, 12,000 rain-proof cloth, 39,500 quilts, 65,997 overcoats, 25,000 clothes, 20,000 foldable beds, 10,000 sleeping bags, 4,000 raincoat and 5,000 foldable table. Emergency relief materials are also distributed by local government and neighboring areas. Amity also deployed its team immediately to the affected areas. While carrying out assessments, the teams also distributed much-needed relief materials including food, hygiene kits, livelihood items, temporary shelters and stationery.

The emergency phase came to an end in the middle of September as most of the affected people have resumed their basic living. This appeal reflects the updated response, based on the needs articulated by the target communities.