ACAPS Briefing Note: Earthquake in Yunnan Province, China (8 August 2014)

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Crisis Overview

  • On August 3, at 16.30 local time, an earthquake, with a magnitude of 6.1 at a depth of 12 km, hit Longtoushan township in Ludian county, Yunnan province, which is located in South West China.

  • As of August 7 17.00 local time, 615 people had been killed, 3,143 had been injured and 114 people were still missing. 230,000 had been relocated. Rescue teams are still combing the rubbles in search of survivors.

  • 80,900 houses have been destroyed, 120,100 are seriously damaged and 466,100 slightly damaged. In Yengan village, 90% of houses have been reported damaged.

Key Findings

Anticipated scope and scale

Concerns of continuing landslides and risk of flooding in certain areas due to wet season are mounting. Fears over mass disease outbreaks are high due to lack of access to safe water and proper sanitation methods. The economic losses stemming from this earthquake will be at least 6.4 billion USD. The number of fatalities and injuries are expected to rise as remote villages become accessible. Map of the affected area

Priorities for humanitarian intervention

  • Establishing communication and safe access routes to remote areas; determining their needs and scope of damage.
  • Supply of water, food and appropriate shelter to survivors and displaced communities.
  • Ensure dissemination of, and access to safe water and proper sanitation methods in order to deter the threat of waterborne diseases.
  • Mass sanitation and logistics.

Humanitarian constraints

The collapse of roads and bridges and landslides are hampering access to affected and remote areas, as well as the evacuation of those injured. Heavy rains are also affecting relief operations. Bottlenecks on the road towards the epicentre have been slowing down the delivery of aid and access of relief workers.