25 dead, 383 injured in Tibet following Nepal earthquake

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LHASA, April 28 (Xinhua) -- The death toll in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region after Saturday's earthquake in neighboring Nepal reaches 25, with 4 still missing and 383 injured , according to the regional government.

The quake toppled 2,500 houses and damaged 24,700 others across 19 counties, affecting nearly 300,000 people, among whom 47,500 were displaced. A total of 82 temples were also damaged, the local publicity department said.

The government has mobilized 22,400 people and 130 machines and vehicles to support rescue missions. More than 9,500 tents and 10,000 quilts have been dispatched to those in need.

On Tuesday afternoon, rescuers cleared a highway leading to Zham Town, where thousands of people were stranded and concerns were high over supplies of food, water and medicine.

A 8.1-magnitude quake shook Nepal at 2:11 p.m. (Beijing Time) on Saturday, which also affected the southwestern part of Tibet, especially Xigaze City.

Xigaze has 18 counties and prefectures, and a population of more than 700,000. The counties of Gyirong, Nyalam and Tingri were worst hit. Nearly 80 percent of the houses in these three counties collapsed.