2019 Novel Coronavirus Situation Report #5 - February 14, 2020

from Project HOPE
Published on 14 Feb 2020

Key Updates

• COVID-19 is now the official name of the disease formerly referred to as 2019-Novel Coronavirus.

• A total of 64,457 people have been lab confirmed or clinically diagnosed with COVID-19.

• More than 1,700 health workers have been infected since the outbreak began, and six have died.

• Today, Project HOPE received a shipment of donated PPE, including more than 1.8 million respirator masks and 80,000 isolation gowns to be distributed to partners in Shanghai and Hubei Province.

• Project HOPE will continue procuring PPE following recently released Chinese government regulations and will source electronic medical equipment only from vendors within China.

For more information on Project HOPE's response, please visit Coronavirus: What you need to know