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Tzu Chi’s medical care for the survivors after Typhoon Nepartak in Taiwan

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After the emergency relief aid to the survivors of Typhoon Nepartak in Taiwan, Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation continuously cooperates with Tzu Chi Hospital to provide free medical care for them.

Starting in 2006, Tzu Chi with medical staffs hold regular free clinics in Taimali. After the devastation brought on by Typhoon Nepartak, the free clinic this year is even more necessary, as many residents have suffered from the aches and pains associated with the hard work of clean up. Tzu Chi doctors also found that besides the typical body pains, many of the residents were simply looking for someone to vent out their frustrations.

Taimali was among the worst hit areas of the typhoon, thus during the clean up process, many residents developed aches and pains due to the strenuous work. The free clinic provided plenty of medication for such aches and pains. Preparing for medical outreach at the activity center in Taimali's Dawang community, local residents arrive early for a chance to get some medical advice. While the residents are waiting for their turn, Tzu Chi volunteers keep them company.

Lin Yongsen, the manager of the medical care, said that: "Most patients are suffering from muscle soreness, while some ailments are rooted due to mental fatigue. After talking to the doctors, some ailments seem to have been half cured."

Lai-Lin Tianmei, one of the survivors, shared that: "I haven't seen a typhoon this powerful. My home was damaged; there is a big hole. After the wind died down, Tzu Chi volunteers came to check up on me. I felt comforted."

Love is sometimes the best medicine. In the aftermath of the typhoon, Tzu Chi volunteers visited affected residents and helped clean up the area. This love and care remains in these residents’ hearts.

And lots of the villagers joined the activities to provide assistance. Lv Lichen, one of the residents, said that: "My home has been destroyed, but I am safe. Tzu Chi helped me; I don't have money, so I'm contributing my strength."

It has been one moth since the typhoon’s destruction, yet Tzu Chi’s love and care have remained here in the hearts of these Taitung residents.

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