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Tzu Chi relief plan of housing for survivors after typhoon Morakot in Taiwan

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On August 8, Typhoon Morakot swept Taiwan and caused flood and muddy landslides in many areas. Thousands victims were awaiting for help.

Tzu Chi will launch the first phase of its housing assistance plan for flood survivors in Taimali and Jinfung Town Taiwan. Tzu Chi expects to build 95 temporary homes in the coming months. Tzu Chi volunteers have begun assessing available lands and drafting blueprints. In addition, Tzu Chi has also announced a long-term fundraising campaign to assist the recovery of affected areas.

On August 12, Tzu Chi announced a long-term assistance plan which will focus on emotional and spiritual care, assistance with daily living and housing. The first phase of housing assistance plan includes building 95 temporary homes for residents whose homes are severely damaged or toppled. Each temporary home will range between 12-15 ping (between 427-534 square feet) and will consist of three bedrooms, one dining room, one living room and one bathroom. The construction method of the temporary home is easy and can be completed in a short period of time; most importantly, the building materials can be reused. Tzu Chi had built the same type of temporary homes for the affected residents of the 921 earthquake as part of its short/mid-term housing assistance plan.

As soon as Taitung County government finishes its land preparation work, Tzu Chi will begin the construction work which can be completed in 15 working days. The project is expected to conclude by the end of August, right before the start of a new school year. Tzu Chi Foundation sincerely invites all local residents to join the construction work.

Tzu Chi has officially submitted application to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for its fundraising effort. Global Tzu Chi volunteers from North America, Australia, Vietnam and etc. are also devoting themselves to the fundraising campaign as their way to contribute and care for the flood survivors. Tzu Chi invites everyone to share their compassion and make donations to assist with the recovery work.

Master Cheng Yen, the founder of Tzu Chi Foundation, urges all Tzu Chi volunteers to uphold the spirit of "first one to arrive and the last to leave" in assisting the flood survivors for a smooth recovery from the disaster and rebuilding their homeland.

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