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TRC launches another delivery of condolence money and electronic appliances

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Earlier today, the Taiwan Red Cross launched another delivery of condolence pay, monetary support and household electronic appliances at Kun Shan Elementary School in Tainan City. More than NT$18 million was distributed to beneficiaries of 120 cases.

Beneficiaries and their families began to arrive at Kun Shan Elementary School before 10 o’clock. President Wang also reached the delivery site in the early morning to encourage earthquake victims and assist in the delivery process. The welfare funding is divided into several categories, which includes condolence pay for the bereaved families, monetary support for the injured needing recovery care, monetary support for amputees, emergency welfare fund, monetary support for relocation and monetary support for household appliances.

Among the victims of the 0206 Tainan Earthquake, residents of the Weiguan Jinlong building were seriously affected by the quake. They have formed an Affected Household Committee and appointed Yi-Chen Liu to be the Chairwoman and Zhi-Peng Wang to be the Vice-chairman. Today, both of them arrived at the delivery site and presented a Certificate of Appreciation to the Taiwan Red Cross. The certificate expressed the most sincere gratitude from the Weiguan Jinlong residents for the immeasurable support provided by the TRC staffs.

Ms. Wang’s husband and three children had perished in the earthquake. She lost all of her family members and her home. As the chairwoman of the committee, Ms. Wang devotes herself fulltime to the recovery of the Weiguan Jinlong building households. “The residents’ benefits and rights are my priority,” said Ms. Wang, “I will take care of my own benefit later.” The TRC staffs interviewed several beneficiaries during the delivery projects. Many of them had shared inspirational stories that greatly encouraged staffs and volunteers on the delivery site.

We still have each other – Ms. Chun-Lan Lin, beneficiary

Ms. Chun-Lan Lin and her husband arrived at the delivery site before 10 in the morning. The first impression that Ms. Lin gave to others was bright and energetic. It is hard to imagine that she had actually gone through an alarmingly dangerous moment when the earthquake struck the southern part of Taiwan.

“Luckily it [the earthquake] occurred during the time of Chinese Lunar New Year when my sons were all back home,” said Ms. Lin, “I just had a surgical operation done not long ago. My son carried me on his back to climb down a rope to escape.” Ms. Lin is optimistic about the future because she and her three sons were fortunate enough to safely escape from the collapsed building. She told the TRC staff, “Nothing is more important than the lives and safety of your loved ones.”

No place for sorrow – Ms. Mei-Lan Chen, beneficiary

Both Ms. Mei-Lan Chen and her 90-year-old mother are victims of the collapsed Weiguan Jinlong building. A calm mind, the ability to find quick-witted solutions and a strong faith helped them survived the deadly catastrophe. Ms. Chen had read books related to disaster prevention and survival and knew the importance of staying hydrated. She made a prompt decision of drinking urine and shouting at the light source when trapped in the collapsed building and was successfully rescued.

Although she lost everything, she is grateful for being alive with her mother. Ms. Chen thinks herself as an optimistic person. Now she lives with her mother in a rented residence near a park. They enjoy the sunshine in the park and appreciate the goodness of life. In fact, her life is now filled with caring messages from the public that she has no place for sorrow. According to Ms. Chen, those caring messages and TRC’s support deeply encourage her and help keep her face to the sunshine.