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Taiwan update - Relief efforts gaining momentum

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People both inside and outside of Taiwan have shown overwhelming support for the victims of Typhoon Morakot that slammed into the island last month. Across Canada, people have organized concerts, dinners and other events to raise money for ongoing relief and reconstruction efforts carried out by PWS&D and the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT). Many Presbyteries in the north of Taiwan that were not affected by the typhoon have "adopted" affected Presbyteries from the south.

Responding to the displaced and marginalized

The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan is currently housing 1,500 people in churches and other buildings, providing food, water, electricity and daily necessities. Volunteers are conducting cleaning missions to scrape mud out of houses and buildings that were flooded. The PCT is also negotiating to secure land for those whose houses were washed away in order to rebuild homes and livelihoods.

One of the strongest aspects of this response is the role of the PCT as a facilitator between the government and indigenous communities, helping to ensure that relief activities take into account the special needs of these communities.

Extensive damage in the wake of Typhoon Morakot

Typhoon Morakot caused over 600 deaths, millions of dollars in damage and forced nearly 25,000 people to evacuate their homes. Many roadways and even villages have been washed away. Volunteers from the PCT have made several hikes up to mountain communities rendered inaccessible because of flooding or washed out roadways to deliver emergency supplies, pastoral care and psychosocial support.

You can help

As relief and reconstruction efforts continue, please keep the victims of Typhoon Morakot and the volunteers working tirelessly to help their neighbours in your prayers. Your donations will provide emergency supplies, new homes and psychosocial care for those most affected by this disaster.

Make a donation online, mail donations directly to the office, donate through your church or call PWS&D today at 1-800-619-7301, ext. 291. Please indicate "Taiwan Relief" on the donation.

Thank you for your support!

Presbyterian World Service & Development is the development and relief agency for The Presbyterian Church in Canada.