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Taiwan: Typhoon Mindulle and Floods - Information Bulletin n° 1

Situation Report
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In Brief

This Information Bulletin (no. 01/2004) is being issued for information only. The Federation is not seeking funding or other assistance from donors for this operation at this time.

The Situation

Approximately 19 people have been killed and nine others are missing following Typhoon Mindulle's heavy rains which caused heavy flooding affecting the middle and southern parts of Taiwan since 3 July.

According to the 2 July assessment report compiled by branches of the Taiwan Red Cross Organisation (TRCO), Chi-chi village which borders the Juo-hsuei Stream, and the villages of Guo-hsing and Ren-ai were among the most severely affected areas in Nantou County. On 4 July, the Hoping Village of Taichung County also experienced heavy flooding, leaving some 1,165 people stranded.

The Ministry of the Interior in coordination with the Red Cross is gathering relief supplies to distribute to shelters in the affected area. Additionally the government of Taiwan has issued an alert to 81 towns and villages encouraging residents to prepare for more flooding and mudslides.

The TRCO, supported by the International Federation, has been strengthening its disaster response capacity as a part of post-earthquake rehabilitation programme funded by Japanese Red Cross, American Red Cross, etc. since 1999.

Red Cross and Red Crescent action

2 July

Prior to the peak of the crisis, the experienced Red Cross branch in Nantou deployed its volunteers who surveyed the swelling rivers using rubber boats. The volunteers were deployed in communities in Nantou City, Tsao-tun Town, Chu-shan Town, Lu-gu Village, Pu-li Town, Hsuei-li Village, and Hsin-yi village. Some of the volunteers in co-ordination with the local fire department worked in co-operation with the Fire Squads in Tsao-tun and Chi-chi.

3 July

On 3 July, Red Cross branch volunteers were mobilised throughout the affected area. The Secretary General of the TRCO assessed the situation and requested that the TRCO chapters and branches deploy the relief supplies from the island's 23 disaster preparedness centres to the affected area.

Taichung, Nantou, Yulin (middle part of Taiwan) and Taidong (southeast part of Taiwan) counties were among the most severely affected areas. Red Cross volunteers, led by the branch secretary general provided jackets, sweaters, sleeping bags, sheets, mineral water, and instant noodles to the shelters established by the village authorities in Tai-ping City of Taichung County, Er-lung Village of Yulin County, and Da-woo Village of Taidong County.

4 July

Search and Rescue

The TRCO, led by the Secretary General organised an "urban search and rescue team," by mobilizings each and rescue volunteers from the branches in Taichung County, Nantou County, and Yulin County. The team, comprising over 50 search and rescue volunteers, accompanied the Taipei Fire Department fire fighters on search and rescue missions throughout the affected area. The team covered two areas, with one part of the team targeting Tung-shi Town, Taichung County, and the other covering Guo-hsin Village, Nantou County.

Distribution of Relief Supplies

The Red Cross branches in Taichung and Nantou Counties transported the following relief supplies to the government shelters in Taiping City of Taichung County and Ren-ai Village of Nantou County: sleeping bags, sweaters, cotton quilts, flashlights, kitchen sets (gas stove, pots, bowls, buckets, and basins), noodles, bean oil, food cans, and sanitary equipment.

Meanwhile, the Taichung County branch, led by its Secretary General, has been transporting relief supplies to: Da-guan aboriginal village, Hoping Village, and Taiping City.

5 July

Search and Rescue

The Red Cross urban search and rescue team rescued 30 school children camping at Fu Min Primary School, in Hoping Village of Taichung County. The children were trapped in the school after all of the surrounding bridges submerged. The children were safely returned to Taichung City today.

Distribution of Relief Supplies

As of 5 July, the Red Cross Taichung County branch has distributed 80 sleeping bags; 800 cotton quilts; and, 800 blankets.

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