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Puea Thai MP calls for govt to aid Taiwan from Typhoon Morakot

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BANGKOK, 25 August 2009 (NNT) - A Puea Thai MP has asked the Government to provide assistance to a number of Thai people residing in Taiwan who were affected by the attack of Typhoon Morakot on 8 August in the southern cities of Gao Xiong and Ping Dong.

Puea Thai MP for Chiang Mai Suraphol Kietchaiyakorn cited that there were more than 60,000 Thai laborers working in Taiwan. More than 100 of that died while about 500 were lost, adding that their residences were also damaged. Taiwan as an Asia-Pacific Parliamentarians 'Union member and his capacity as a MP and a Thai citizen, he stated that he would like to express his grief to the loss.

Mr Suraphol added that Taiwanese authorities had previously sent continuous aids in forms of volunteers and donations to Thailand when Thailand faced with tsunami disasters. Hence, the Thai Government should not neglect this issue and send assistance to Taiwan in return, he said.

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Reporter : Santibhap Ussavasodhi