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Mainland donations to typhoon-hit Taiwan ethnic minorities "all given out"

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TAIPEI, Nov 08, 2009 (Xinhua via COMTEX) -- The Chinese mainland's 20 million yuan of donations to ethnic minorities in the typhoon-hit Taiwan have been "all given out", Kao Chin Su-mei, a representative of the ethnic minorities, said here Sunday.

Earlier in August, the Taiwan Work Office of the Communist Party of China Central Committee announced it has raised 20 million yuan (about 95.4 million new Taiwan dollars) for the ethnic minorities in Taiwan after Typhoon Morakot hit the island.

The donation plan was announced when a delegation headed by Kao Chin Su-mei visited Beijing on August 19.

The donation has been distributed to more than 2,153 homeless ethnic minority families (30,000 new Taiwan dollars for each), more than 3,300 primary and junior high school ethnic minority students in hardest-hit areas (5,000 new Taiwan dollars for each), and nearly 14,00 senior high school and junior college ethnic minority students (10,000 new Taiwan dollars for each), according to Gao Chin Su-mei.

All the donation had been distributed to ethnic minority victims of the typhoon, she said.

Currently, about 500,000 people of ethnic minorities live in Taiwan, 80 percent of whom make a living by growing and processing agricultural products.