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Mainland donation to go to community, road building in typhoon-hit Taiwan

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TAIPEI, Sept. 14 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese mainland's Red Cross Society expects its 140 million yuan (20.5 million U.S. dollars) donation to Typhoon Morakot-hit Taiwan to be spent on rebuilding houses, community facilities and roads on the island, said its Executive Vice President Jiang Yiman Monday.

Morakot, the worst typhoon to hit Taiwan in 50 years between Aug. 5 and 6, killed 461 people and left 192 missing.

Jiang was speaking before a mainland Red Cross delegation endeda five-day visit to the island on Monday.

"We will discuss with Taiwan's Red Cross Society how our donation will be allocated," she told Xinhua.

After visiting the worst-hit regions in southern Taiwan, the delegation had developed a basic understanding of rehabilitation projects, she said.

"We also expect our donation to go to disaster relief centers in communities as well as improving the disaster relief capacity of Red Cross Societies on both sides of the Strait," she said.

The donation was made up of money given by Chinese mainland residents

"For years, the Red Cross Societies across the Taiwan Strait have worked together well," she said. "We will continue our good cooperation to serve people on both sides of the strait."