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Emergency Assistance (Provision of Temporary Housing) for Earthquake Afflicted in Taiwan

On December 10 (Fri), the Government of Japan decided to extend emergency assistance of about 62 million yen to two NGOs (Shanti Volunteer Association and World Vision Japan), which are engaged in supporting those who lost their houses in the earthquake in Taiwan. While the Government of Japan has been extending various kinds of assistance to Taiwan since the earthquake, including the dispatch of a disaster relief team and a medical team, emergency grant aassistance and the provision of 1,000 temporary houses, this will be the first financial assistance to the relief activities of Japanese NGOs in Taiwan.

The county of Nan-t'ou, where the relief activities will be implemented, is one of the most severely damaged areas, and it still needs to be tackled how to provide housing before the arrival of winter for those who lost their houses and are living under tents. This assistance by the Government of Japan is intended to respond to the request from the NGOs which are providing temporary housing to the afflicted in Nan-t'ou county.