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China - Taiwan Province: Response for Typhoon Morakot

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Typhoon Morakot made landfall on the coast of southeast China and the island of Taiwan on August 7th, 2009. The Typhoon triggered devastating floods and mudslides, resulting in the deaths of over 450 people and affecting over 14 million people.

Typhoon Morakot was one of the deadliest storms to hit Taiwan in over 50 years. On August 17th, a reconnaissance team from the European Commission determined that water purification equipment is a major priority in areas of Taiwan devastated by the storm. According to the local government, some of the water systems in the affected villages have been repaired but many remain broken and thousands are still in need of clean drinking water.

In response, GlobalMedic is donating 2.8 million Aquatab water purification tablets to the people of Taiwan. As each tablet purifies one litre of water, the donation will provide 2.8 million litres of clean drinking water to those affected in Taiwan. An educational component will also be provided in order to ensure correct use of the Aquatabs.

Members of GlobalMedic's Rapid Response Team loaded the Aquatabs on August 30th from GlobalMedic headquarters in Toronto, Canada. Representatives from the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Toronto were on hand to support the initiative along with Canadian MP Jim Karygiannis.