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The 10th Anniversary of Typhoon Morakot

The 10th Anniversary of Typhoon Morakot is almost upon us, marking the 3,600 plus days the Taiwan Red Cross has devoted to helping affected locals recover from the disaster. We have worked together with the government from the start to provide emergency disaster relief, temporary and mid-term shelters, and reconstruction and rehabilitation. In the past ten years, the Taiwan Red Cross has assisted in the construction of 1,481 permanent and DIY housing constructs, 2 suspension bridges, assisted 10 schools in reconstruction or repair work, established 10 community and life reconstruction and support centers, and 21 disaster preparedness centers. We have also offered scholarship grants to 5,996 disadvantaged students from 316 schools and have endorsed the Specialty Teaching Project to broaden the variety of courses taught at schools in disaster-stricken areas.

On 3 August, Taiwan’s ex- President Ma,Ying-jeou and TRC President Wang,Ching-Feng visit to impacted areas to highlight some of the many remarkable recovery and resilience stories across the region.