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Macau Red Cross Setting up Temporary First Aid Stations

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(Macau Daily) After the departure of the catastrophic typhoon Hato, Macau Red Cross (MRC) persists in caring of local residents, and to provide much needed supplies to the deprived group. MRC collaborates with several construction and engineering associations, to assess the damage condition of some residence; set up temporary first aid stations, and work closely with Hong Kong Red Cross for providing post-disaster counseling.

Assessing potential hazards in buildings

In view of the fact that most of MRC’s Non-emergency Medical Transfer service users are either long-term patients, elderly and/or with mobility problems, who are not able to take care of themselves, and MRC has sent over 1,000 messages and calls of concerns to these clients. Depending on actual situation, they would receive drinking water, food and other daily necessities to meet their desperate needs. Simultaneously, MRC collaborates with the Architects Association of Macau, Macau Institution of Engineers, Macau Association of Building Contractors and Developers, Association of Macau Engineering Consultant Companies, Macau Construction Association and Macau Construction Machinery Engineering Association to assess potential hazards of their homes, and adequate maintenance will be provided.

Furthermore, MRC has already set up some temporary first aid stations at Rua da Praia do Manduco, Avenida do Conselheiro Borja, Fai Chi Kei, Hong Kung Miu Temple, Bairro San Kio, Rua da Barca and Coloane, and treating those resident-volunteers, who suffered injuries while clearing debris, or whose legs were allergic to the contaminated water. As a result, several seriously injured have been escorted to hospital for further treatments.

Providing post-disaster psychological counseling

Psychological support is very crucial on post-disaster assistance. MRC cooperates with Hong Kong Red Cross to provide post-disaster counseling to residents with emotional problems. Psychological support seminars have been arranged for staff members to help relieving them from post-disaster pressure.

MRC will continue to render appropriate services, and to walk out of the difficult situation together with Macau residents.