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Hong Kong and Macau Red Cross Jointly Conducting Post-disaster Psychological Support

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(Intercepted from Macau Daily) Vice President of the Macau Red Cross Central Council Chou Kuok Hei and Eliza Y L Cheung, representative of Hong Kong Red Cross, denoted that both regional Red Cross Societies have started their post-disaster psychological support, which includes hotline inquiries, home visits, and psychological counseling talks. When a psychological counseling is in session, volunteers from both places will be in attendance. The aim is to take good advantage of the Hong Kong professionals’ expertise, while pairing with Macau volunteers’ familiarity of local culture. Such perfect match can provide better service to the needy individuals, and greatly elevate the case success rate.

Both of them expressed that after the storm, the support work was in full swing. While the frontline relief volunteers have to pacify the victims, synchronously they have to deal with their own homes which were impacted by the disaster. Such dual pressure can easily make them very emotional. Therefore, since last week, Macau Red Cross started the psychological counseling lectures for the frontline volunteers, and they are expected to take care of themselves while serving others.