UNICEF Chile COVID-19 Situation Report No. 5: October 2020

Situation Report
Originally published



  • As of 25 October, Chile has 503,598 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 18,825 deaths. Suspected sharp increase of cases in September following the National Day celebrations did not happen.

  • According to WHO COVID-19 Dashboard on 28 October, Chile is no longer in its 12 countries in the world for confirmed cases per million people, compared to its 9th place in August. It is now on 8th place in the world for deaths per million people, and to 4th place in the region, after Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil, compared to its 4th place in August.

  • The country is in general slowly moving out of lockdowns. The focus of the lockdown comunas shifted from Greater Santiago to the southern and northern Chile, where the population density is lower but so is the capacity of the hospitals. Nightly curfews continue nationwide.

  • Schools slowly started to reopen. As of end October, 6% of schools are open or in process of reopening.

  • UNICEF continues to assist the development of protocols for reopening schools, in close coordination with UNESCO. The first draft of the protocols for reopening schools is being finalized.

  • UNICEF contributes for the Education sector coordination by facilitating the organization of a coordination mechanism of the education actors of the civil society.

  • UNICEF contributes to the Congess’ discussion on the new migration law and makes efforts to ensure the link between interventions in COVID-19 emergency and development.

  • PFP continued DirectTV campaign, which contributed to improve retention rate and acquisition of new donors, transmitting messages of UNICEF´s work in COVID-19.