UNICEF Chile: COVID-19 Situation Report No. 3 (Reporting Period: August 2020)

Situation Report
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• As of 23 August, Chile has 405,972 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 15,418 deaths.

• It is considered that the COVID-19 peak in Chile was reached in mid-June.

• According to WHO COVID-19 Dashboard on 31 August, Chile is at 4th place in the world for confirmed cases per million people, compared to its 5th place in July, and reports the highest rate in the region (21,446.42), followed by Panama (21,168.47). It also remains in 2nd place in the region for deaths per million people (588.19), afterPeru (867.62).

• As of 31 August, out of 345 comunas of the country, 49 comunas are in step-1 (lockdown), 35 in step-2 (transition), 206 in step-3 (preparation), and 55 in step-4 (initial opening). The majority of lockdown comunas are in Greater Santiago. In comunas in step- 1&2, lockdown of weekends and holidays continues. Nightly curfews continue nationwide.

• The majority of schools remain closed.

• Sharp increase of cases is suspected in September during the National Day celebrations (18 September).
UNICEF Response • The “Quarantine 31” series of popular Chilean puppet show 31 Minutes is broadcasted throughout Latin America by Cartoon Network and Boomerang, reaching 48 million and 32 million homes, respectively.

• The public channel TV Educa provides psychosocial support for children during the COVID-19 pandemic, with video clips provided by UNICEF.

• UNICEF is assisting the development of protocols for reopening schools with the Municipality of Renca in greater Santiago, in close coordination with UNESCO.

• UNICEF contributed to allow family visit for separated children and adolescents living in residential care centres of SENAME and juvenile detention centres after 5 months of lockdown.

• UNICEF facilitated the donation of 960 LEGO mini-toy block sets for children at the “sanitary residences” where infected parents observe mandatory isolation period.

• PFP reached the fundraising goal of the COVID-19 response campaign with US$92,000 from 4,000+ one-off donations from pledge donors.