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Natural Disasters Monitoring 4 June 2021

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Severe Weather

Chile (update)

On 4 June, the Chile Ministry of the Interior and Public Security (ONEMI, per its acronym in Spanish) reported heavy rains between the Ñuble and Los Lagos region that have impacted various communities. In the communities of Curacautín and Curarrehue, 432 people and 211 people respectively have been affected by cuts to the water supply due to increased water flow which has caused turbidity in the drinking water. On 3 June, ONEMI changed the alert in the commune of Toltén from red to yellow as the flow of the Toltén River is on a downward trend implying a reduction in risk to the populations living near the river. There remain 30 affected people, 3 homes with major damage, and 5 homes with minor damage. The reports are available at: ONEMI 1 and ONEMI 2.

Guyana (update)

On 3 June, the Guyana Civil Defense Commission (CDC) reported heavy rains and flooding that have affected 6,900 households across the country. There are currently 54 people in shelters in Regions 9 and 10 and five of the eight government shelters that comply with COVID-19 guidelines are currently at capacity. Additional shelters have been established at Abatinga Sports Complex, Arapaima Primary, and Culvert City Nursery in Region 9, and at the Aroaima Nursery, Aroaima Primary, Kwakwani Primary, and Hururu Community Centre in Region 10. The CDC has provided 15,000 food hampers and sanitation supplies to the impacted regions. The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency is also prepared to assist with the crisis if the need arises. The report is available at: CDC.