Humanitarian Emergency Response Review

from Department for International Development
Published on 28 Mar 2011 View Original
Executive Summary

The review comes at a time when the humanitarian community faces a number of daunting challenges. Disasters are increasing, as are the numbers of people affected by them. These are set out starkly in the Chair's foreword and in the report itself.

The UK is a major contributor in humanitarian crises, and is highly respected for its role. Some of the best known humanitarian organisations are UK based, and the British public gives generously in appeals. The UK government has been the second largest bilateral donor for humanitarian relief in recent years, after the US.

This review has found that the UK Department for International Development (DFID), the main conduit through which the government responds, is also well respected and well regarded. It has excellent humanitarian staff, and has played a positive role in improving international response. Nevertheless, there view has also concluded that in light of the potential need in years to come, there will have to be a step change in the way DFID responds. The view makes a series of high level policy, and some down to earth practical, recommendations intended to bring this change about.