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Chile: Situation Report – November 2020

Situation Report
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• The situation of migrants and refugees who enter irregularly continues to be a concern in the northern border regions of Chile. According to data from Carabineros (Chilean police) and the Army of Chile, so far in 2020, 1,478 people have irregularly entered the country. In the same regard, between September and October selfdenunciation for irregular entry has increased by 337 per cent, of which Venezulean refugees and migrants represent 95 per cent.

• Regarding the Migration bill, during the last days of November the Parliament Mixed Commission agreed on the pending articles that had generated a conflict between both chambers of the Congress, among them the transitorial article 8 about regularization of irregular migrants in Chile, where it was established that only those who have irregularly entered before March 18, 2020 (date of the national border closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic) would have the access to regularize their migratory situation. Although a few important steps are still pending on the bill, the agreement between both chambers ends an eight year drafting process.

• According to the epidemiological report of the Ministry of Health that characterized the international migrant population with COVID-19, between February 28 and November 19, out of a total of 610,783 cumulative COVID19 confirmed cases, 44,980 (7.4 per cent) of the people have been registered with a nationality other than Chilean. 35.5 per cent corresponds to cases among Venezuelans and 26.9 per cent to cases of the Peruvian community.