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Chile: Situation Report – December 2020

Situation Report
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• The situation of refugees and migrants who use unofficial border points to enter the country continues to be a concern in the northern regions of Chile. According to the Ministry of the Interior and Public Security, between January and November 2020, 13,656 people entered the country through unauthorized border points, out of which 10,213 people are Venezuelan.

• A study carried out by SENCE (labour laboratory) confirmed that Venezuelans were established as the foreigners with the highest workforce participation in Chile. The average age of these workers is 36.3 years; total years in school 13.8 years on average; and their net income is around the USD 533,748. Regarding their contractual relations, 72 per cent are working in the private sector, 15 per cent are self-employed and 5 per cent are domestic workers.

• Pfizer BioTech's COVID-19 vaccine arrived in Chile with 10,000 doses of a 10 million order allowing the start of Chile's vaccination programs. The authorities aim to inoculate 80 per cent of Chile's population of 19 million by the first semester of 2021.

• After the approval of the Law by the Mixed Commission of Congress in the beginning of December, some political parties filed an appeal before the Constitutional Court to request a review regarding 14 articles of the bill.