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Chile: Situation Report - April 2022



  • Chile lifted the state of emergency on its northern border on the 15. The state of emergency was imposed as a measure in order to control the entry of refugee and migrant flows through unofficial crossings. Despite having been lifted, the government will remain the military deployment in the area.

  • Protocols for the expulsion were established, including safeguards to ensure due process and the human rights. Also, the possibility of implementing a table to coordinate the processes of judicial expulsion and give a treatment to irregular migration is analyzed by national authorities in close coordination with the Department of Investigation Police (PDI). Those measures were announced during the visit of the Undersecretary of the Interior to Colchane.

  • Along the same line, after the visit to the Tarapacá Region, the representative of the Ministry of the Interior included in his public agenda infrastructure improvement and health care in the town of Colchane, which has been pressured by the significant increase of people crossing the border from Bolivia. The Government will allocate 200 million (Chilean pesos) to improve public infrastructure, with special attention to the medical office.

  • Within the framework of the reconduction processes, the National Migration Service reported that only citizens of border nations such as Peru and Bolivia could be returned to their home countries and not those of other nationalities, including Venezuelans. According to data provided by the Investigative Police, 80% of the reconduction processes are rejected.

  • In April, the National Migration Service announced the number of refugees residing in Chile, showing that meeting the requirements to be considered a refugee is a complex task. In the last decade, between 2010 and 2021, 21,847 requests were registered, but only 701 cases were accepted, just 3.2% of the total. In the case of Venezuelan population, 6,901 refugee applications were registered from 2010 to last year, but only 0.42% were approved.

  • Within the framework of the constitutional process that Chile is going through, the Convention rejects the articles related to the right to migrate and non- refoulment both will return to commission. However, the article related to the right to asylum was approved with 120 votes in favour.

  • The Government recognized the unlawful nature of the refugee determination procedure reform from February 2022 and the Ministry of Interior published a new decree (146) on 20 April which establishing provisions on refugee protection.

  • On 21 April, a 60-year-old Venezuelan woman, who was living on the streets, died outside the Iquique bus station. Considering the deaths at Colchane border so far this year eighth deaths have been registered.