Chile: Floods - DREF Operation no. MDRCL011 Final Report



CHF 275,678 were allocated from the IFRC’s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) to support the Chilean Red Cross (CRG) to deliver immediate assistance to about 6,500 people. On 24 March 2015, an atypical hydrometeorological event occurred in Chile due to a high-altitude cold front. It caused 14 consecutive hours of rain and dropped an average of 14 to 34 mm of water and snow, which is equal to the average rainfall for an entire year in this arid and desert-like area of Antofagasta, Coquimbo, and Atacama. Intense rains in the area caused mudslides and floods in various villages, affecting Atacama most of all.

The DREF Operation implemented by the Chilean Red Cross has made it possible to assist the affected population with cleaning kit supplies, water drums, jerrycans, kitchen kits, psychosocial support, health promotion, as well as a cash transfer program (CTP) to improve dwelling conditions or the conditions of temporary shelters provided by the government or other organisations Aid was provided according to needs identified among the communities of Chañaral, Diego de Almagro, El Salado and Copiapó in the Atacama Region. In addition, the National Society, with the support of the ICRC, provided support through the restoration of family links. The Operation was extended for one additional month in order to complete the cash transfer process.

The IFRC, on behalf of the Chilean Red Cross, would like to extend thanks to the Canadian Red Cross Society and government for their kind contributions to the replenishment of this operation. The major donors and partners of DREF include the Australian, American and Belgian governments, the Austrian Red Cross, the Canadian Red Cross and government, the Danish Red Cross and government, the European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection DREF Operation Final Report Chile: Floods Chile region of Atacama Chañaral country /region: Disaster (ECHO), the Irish and the Italian governments, the Japanese Red Cross Society, the Luxembourg government, the Monaco Red Cross and government, the Netherlands Red Cross and government, the Norwegian Red Cross and government, the Spanish government, the Swedish Red Cross and government, the United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID), the Medtronic and Zurich foundations, and other corporate and private donors. For more information see: