Chile: Floods and Mudslides - Informative Note, 14 April 2015


On 24 March, record heavy rains in Chile’s northern desert region caused rivers to breach their banks and caused 17 mudslides that left residents stranded Antofagasta, Atacama and Coquimbo.

The Government declared a state of constitutional exception due to the disaster, and deployed personnel to assess the situation and determine priority needs.
Chile’s response capacity is stretched thin with two other ongoing emergencies in the southern part of the country – wildfires in four regions and the eruption of the Villa Rica Volcano. The humanitarian community in country has supported assessment and coordination efforts.

Priority needs are removal of mud and repairing water and sewage systems, health, (including psychosocial, sexual, and reproductive health), shelter and education.

The following estimated numbers highlight the current humanitarian situation in Northern Chile as of 12 April.

164,140 People affected

29,739 People lost their homes (ONEMI)

26 People killed

85 People missing (ONEMI)

1,527 People in shelters

20 Shelters

8,325 Houses uninhabitable or destroyed (ONEMI)


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