Chile: Earthquake - Operation Update no. 16 (MDRCL006)


Summary: With the aim of building its capacities and furthering its development, the Chilean Red Cross adjusted its Operational Plan 2011- 2012 to ensure an improved strategic, sustainable and longterm perspective for the work implemented and the National Society’s development. The Chilean Red Cross’ Strategic Plan 2013-2016 will be presented to the General Assembly in December for approval.
In its third year, this operation represents 30 per cent of the National Society’s planned activities, including those financed by the National Society as well as bilateral projects. As previous operations updates have detailed, the relief phase that had the objective of distributing humanitarian aid to 10,000 families (110 per cent achieved) has been completed. In order to better harmonize this appeal with Chilean Red Cross bilateral projects, the operation timeframe was extended to 36 months and the budget was increased to permit the implementation of more activities. This Operation Update reflects adjustments of certain budget lines.

The Chilean Red Cross and the secretariat of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) express their gratitude to the Partner National Societies (PNS), governments and corporate donors that have contributed to this appeal with cash, in-kind donations and/or staff. Their positive response and generous contributions have been key in the National Society’s ability to provide relief, water and sanitation, health services and transitional shelter to the population affected by the 27 February 2010 earthquake and tsunami.