Chile: Earthquake OCHA Situation Report No. 2

Situation Report
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Ref: OCHA/GVA - 2005/0089

OCHA Situation Report No. 2
Earthquake - Chile

President Lagos declares State of Disaster for the affected area

1. This situation report is based on information provided by the UN Resident Coordinator's office in Santiago and the Oficina Nacional de Emergencia of Chile (ONEMI).

2. The strong 7.9 magnitude earthquake that occurred on 13 June 05 in the northern Region I of Chile caused 11 deaths, more than 200 injured, and disrupted the lives of more than 11,900 people. ONEMI has established emergency shelters were some 595 people have been temporarily placed.

3. On 16 June 05, President Ricardo Lagos declared State of Disaster for the communities in the Province of Iquique and the community of Camarones in the province of Arica. The most affected populations are: Alto Hospicio, Pozo Almonte, Huara, Iquique, Camarones, Camiña, Pica y Colchane.

4. Most significant damages by sector are as follows:

Housing: the housing sector was particularly affected with more than 9,350 dwellings damaged in varying degrees, of which 550 were completely destroyed. Almost all houses damaged or destroyed (90%) correspond to old adobe constructions.

Water Supply: it was suspended in various populations due to power outages. In Iquique, tankers from the municipality as well as the military are distributing water to the population. As of this date, most water distribution systems are being restored.

Electricity: Approximately 30 sub-stations were left out of service after the earthquake. Power supply is being restored progressively.


Route A-40 to Pisagua, blocked

Route A-45, Panamaericana-Camiña is blocked in various segments due to landslides.

Route A-55, Huara-Colchana, transit is suspended due to cracks and landslips

Route A-65, Pozo Almonte-Mamiña, transit is suspended due to cracks and landslips

Other routes in the region have limited circulation, as only one lane is usable in various segments along them. Access by land to the communities of Camiña and Miñimiñe is cut.

Education: damage assessment being conducted by structural experts from the Ministry of Education.

Health: No damages reported. Sanitary infrastructure is operating normally at full capacity level. Health supplies and medicines have been dispatched to health centers in the affected area.

5. Emergency operations are being coordinated by ONEMI with the support of the Governor of Iquique, the military and the Carabineros. Two cargo planes from the Chilean Air Force have arrived to Iquique with 36 MT of relief supplies that are being distributed to the affected population with support from the Army. Distribution of aid is being particularly targeted to population with particular social vulnerabilities.

International Assistance

6. Contributions reported to OCHA as of 17 June 05 are as follows:

UN Organisations

OCHA - Emergency Cash Grant: USD 30,000

UNDP - Emergency fund for logistics, coordination and technical assistance: USD100,000


Bolivia - In-kind emergency supplies: N/A

Denmark - Emergency Cash Grant through OCHA: USD 20,000

7. OCHA continues monitoring the situation in close contact with the United Nations Resident Coordinator's offices in Santiago and will revert with further information as it becomes available.

8. This situation report, together with further information on other ongoing emergencies is also available on the OCHA Internet Website at

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