Chile: Earthquake OCHA Situation Report No. 1

Ref: OCHA/GVA - 2005/0088
OCHA Situation Report No. 1
Earthquake - Chile
Northern Chile affected by a 7.9 magnitude earthquake

1. According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), a 7.9 magnitude earthquake occurred in Northern Chile at 22h44 UTC on Monday 13 June 2005. The epicenter was located at 19.90° south, 69.12° west, 115 km east-northeast of the city of Iquique (pop. 238,000) and about 1515 km North of the capital, Santiago. Its depth has been calculated at 110.8 Km.

2. According to the Oficina Nacional de Emergencia (ONEMI), 9 people have died and close to 100 have been injured. There are reports of collapsed and damaged dwellings, particularly those built with adobe, whose number is still being assessed. Landslides triggered by the seismic movement have blocked several roads.

3.The intensity of the earthquake has been estimated by ONEMI as follows:

Iquique, Huara, Camarones VI to VII degrees

Tocopilla VI degrees

Calama, Arica V to VI degrees

Chañaral, Salvador IV to V degrees

Caldera, Copiapó IV degrees

Antofagasta III to IV degrees

4. ONEMI has established a Red Alert for the I Region, a measure that will allow immediate use of emergency means and resources. Emergency airlift operations are scheduled to start at day brake lead by the Vicepresident and the Ministries of Interior, Public Works, Housing, Health, and the Director of ONEMI.

5. For further information, please refer to ONEMI's Website at

6. OCHA will be monitoring the situation in close contact with the United Nations Resident Coordinator's offices in Santiago and will revert with further information as it becomes available.

7. This situation report, together with further information on other ongoing emergencies is also available on the OCHA Internet Website at

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