Chile: Earthquake, Emergency Appeal n° MDRCL006, Operation Update n°15 – two-year progress report

Situation Report
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GLIDE n° EQ-2010-000034-CHL

Period covered by this Ops Update: 27 February 2010 to 29 February 2012.

Appeal target: CHF 16,075,870

Appeal coverage: 94%;

Note: During the reporting period some variances have been identified between the expenditures and the budget. Such variances include a reduction in the expenditures within the lines of workshops, procurement of vehicles and equipment, logistics and transport thanks to coordination efforts with other institutions. However, in other budget items, costs have risen, for example, professional fees related to audits and the Mid-Term evaluation of the operation and support provided by consultants to specific departments such as Logistics, and Water and Sanitation. Furthermore, the fluctuation of the US dollar in 2011 has led to the projection of a higher foreign exchange revaluation for 2012. As a result of these variances, the operation team expects to carry out a revision of the budget in July, which will be published jointly with the next operations update.

Appeal history:

  • This Emergency Appeal was initially launched (on a preliminary basis) on 27 February 2010 for CHF 300,000 by means of Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) to assist 3,000 beneficiary families.

  • On 2 March 2010, a Preliminary Emergency Appeal was launched for 7 million CHF to support the Chilean Red Cross (ChRC) in assisting 15,000 families (75,000 people) for 6 months.

  • On 10 March 2010, an Emergency Appeal was issued to request 13,086,822 CHF - including ERUs - to support the ChRC in the provision of non-food items to 10,000 families (50,000 people), emergency and/or transitional shelter solutions to 10,000 families (50,000 people), curative and preventive health care for at least 90,000 people, and water and sanitation services for up to 10,000 households.

  • On 24 August, a Revised Appeal was issued including changes in objectives, an extension of the implementation timeframe to 24 months and a revised budget of 14,143,016 CHF – in line with the revised Plan of Action of the Chilean Red Cross. The revised budget, without the costs of the ERUs, increased from 10,035 CHF to 14,143,016 CHF.

  • December 2010, the Operations Update n° 9 featured a revised budget of 14,540,398 CHF. This change was due to cost estimates regarding the reconstruction of the various warehouses as well as the National Society branches.

  • On 2 March 2011, a second Revised Appeal was published including an extension to the implementation period to 36 months, a revised budget of 16,075,870 Swiss francs and a relocation of budgetary lines.

Summary: The Emergency Appeal launched to support the Chilean Red Cross (ChRC) in delivering assistance to communities affected by earthquake in 2010 has completed its second year. After 24 months, the operation has made noteworthy progress in meeting the needs of beneficiary families.

After two years of implementation of the Operation Earthquake 2010 and under the co-operation with the IFRC and the Partner National Societies, each department of the National Society has developed a series of achievements:

  • Shelter solutions: 9,363 ReD cards delivered in the Maule and Bio Bio regions.

  • Livelihoods: Delivered 1,879 Agricultural ReD cards in the Regions of Maule and Bio Bio, more than 1,800 families received vegetable seeds kits and protection kits to re-establish their agricultural activities.

  • 23 courses have been organized aiming at: improving institutional disaster preparedness; preparing the most vulnerable communities to cope with disasters creating an early warning system; training volunteers in this same topic; training National Intervention Teams in the general course and specialized courses in water, sanitation and hygiene promotion (WASH), health in emergencies (epidemic control and psychosocial support); improving communities‟ knowledge related to HIV and AIDS, sexual and reproductive health, first aid, psychosocial support, water and sanitation.

  • 23 branches of the Chilean Red Cross were restored and received IT and radio equipment (HF and VHF).

  • The Logistics, Human Resources and Finance departments of the National Society have had a major transformation, with the implementation of a new accounting software.

  • The organizational development process conducted through the operation has strengthened, professionalised and modernized the ChRC, reinforcing its internal organization and establishing a Strategic Resource Mobilization Committee to obtain funding through partnerships with the private and public sector.