Chile: Civil Unrest - DREF Final Report (MDRCL014)

Situation Report
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Description of the disaster

On 6 October 2019 in Chile, a series of public protests started by secondary school students began in Santiago Metropolitan Region (herein Metropolitan Region) against the increase in public transportation fares. The protests subsequently expanded to other sectors in society and outside the capital city. On 19 and 24 October, respectively, the government of Chile declared a state of emergency for the provinces of Santiago and Chacabuco. The state of emergency was extended to other provinces, additional a curfew was issued for the provinces of Santiago and Chacabuco.

Of the demonstrations in 16 regions throughout the country, 3,746 people were wounded, of which 2,114 were wounded by gunfire (steel, lead and rubber bullets, balls and pellets), and 427 people suffered eye injuries (trauma and bursting or loss of eyeball), 26 people died and 9,545 were detained.

The Chamber of Commerce estimated losses of over 1.4 billion US dollars due to destruction, looting and decreased sales. Of the estimated losses, 900 million US dollars was due looting and destruction of stores with an additional 500 million US dollars due to the loss of sales when the stores were closed.

At the close of the operation, public demonstrations decreased significantly. The Chilean Red Cross remained on alert and providing support as needed.