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WFP Chad: Fortnightly Situation Report 19 Apr - 02 May 2007

EMOP 10559.0 - Assistance to Sudanese Refugees, Internally Displaced, IDP host communities and Refugee-affected Local populations in Eastern Chad


The security situation is volatile in eastern Chad but relatively calm in the rest of the country

WFP's Executive Director, Josette Sheeran visited Chad on 28 April

WFP general food distributions for May 2007 are due to start next week in all 12 refugee camps in eastern Chad

Preparations are underway for a second round of food distribution for the 140,000 IDPs in eastern Chad


WFP's Executive Director Josette Sheeran visited Chad on 28 April 2007 and met with government and donor country representatives. Ms Sheeran held discussions with Prime Minister Nouradine Delwa Kassire Coumakoye, the Secretary of State for External Relations, Djidda Moussa Outman, and Agriculture Minister Haroun Kabadi about WFP's assistance to Chad, particularly the country's children.

In support of the ED's visit, WFP's West and Central Africa Regional Director, Mustapha Darboe arrived in Ndjamena on 24 April and visited eastern Chad on 26 April 2007. Accompanied by the Country Director, Mr. Darboe met with refugees, IDPs, local authorities and WFP partners in eastern Chad.


Over the past weeks the security situation has deteriorated in eastern Chad but remains relatively calm in the rest of the country. There are reports of increased military movements across the country.

Banditry and violence continues to be reported in different areas eastern Chad. On 25 April, armed robbers killed two individuals in the Am-Timan area. Meanwhile, in the Oure Cassoni refugee camp, two other armed men who were trying to rob humanitarian aid workers have been arrested by the police.

On 27 April, a meeting was held between Chadian authorities and humanitarian aid agencies in Guereda to discuss security constraints and measures required to improve the security situation.

Target Population – Sudanese Refugees

On 26 April, a monthly meeting was held between UNHCR, WFP and its cooperating partners in Abéché to prepare for the May general food distributions due to start on 07 May. WFP is planning to provide some 228,000 beneficiaries with 3,900 mt of food.

Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)

On 17 April, an IDP food security meeting was held in Abéché to coordinate activities of humanitarian agencies and develop a common assistance plan for IDPs. On 18 April, a coordination meeting was held in Adre between the government and humanitarian partners to coordinate activities in support of IDPs.

In the Goz Beida area, ICRC is conducting a distribution of a 45-day ration to IDPs in Ade, Kerfi, and Dogdore. This distribution is the second part of planned 90 day food assistance for the IDPs in that area. Food commodities were provided to ICRC by WFP following an institutional agreement between the two institutions allowing them to transfer stocks. In the same region, WFP partner IRD is preparing for a second round of distribution in sites in Habile/Aradip, Koloma, Koubigou and Gassire in mid-May.

An agreement is being signed between WFP and Premiere Urgence for the distribution of free food aid and seed protection rations to IDPs. Distributions are due to start next week in Goz Bagar, Goudiang, and Allacha IDP sites in the Assongha department.

Distributions of high energy biscuits are on-going by a WFP partner COOPI in Koloma, Koubigou, and Habile IDP sites.

Assistance to the Local Population

Following discussions between UNHCR, UNICEF and WFP in Abeche, the 2007 Integrate Intervention Package programme will include 11 additional schools. This brings the total number of schools under the integrated intervention package to 50. Almost all these schools are part of the WFP school feeding programme.

Due security situtaion development activities in assitance for the local popltaion have been temprrailry suspended.

Health and Nutrition

In Bahai, a nutritional screening for children under five has been completed by WFP partner ACTED in the Oure Casoni refugee camp. Results are yet to be released.

During the reporting period, several varicella cases have been noted in the Farchana refugee camp


On 26 April, the head of WFP Logistics visited Abéché and met with field logistic staff, transporters and the local customs officer to discuss issues related to the Libyan corridor and the transportation of some 6,300 mt of commodities from El Geneina (Sudan) to Abéché and eastern refugee camps in Chad.

In the coming weeks the eastern operation expects arrivals of some 30,600 mt of commodities which are crucial to the food pre-positioning before the rainy season. On 28 April, 2,180 mt of these commodities arrived in Ounianga Kebir through the Libyan corridor.

WFP Humanitarian Air Services

Between 18 April and 02 May 2007, WFP Humanitarian Air Service (WFP-HAS) transported a total of 272 passengers on the Abeche-eastern strips routing (UN 23W), and 645 passengers on the Ndjamena- Abeche routing (UN 21/24W). A total of 2,345 kg of light cargo was also transported during that period.

Resourcing & Pipeline Update

To date, the Emergency Operation (EMOP 10559.0) has received US$ 40.5 million, representing 47 % of the total requirement. Immediate availability of funds is required for the last three months of the year given the extremely long lead times of food dleiveries to Chad. WFP Chad requested an Immediate Response Account (IRA) advance of US$ 5 million to ensure pre-positioning in the camps before the start of the rainy season in June.

To date the Special Operation (SO 10560.0) has received US$ 1.9 million. Given the poor state of the roads, this service is critical to enable humanitarian actors to assist Sudanese refugees and IDPs and additional resources are needed.