West and Central Africa: WFP Regional Bureau Dakar Markets Update: September 2017

from World Food Programme
Published on 30 Sep 2017 View Original


  • Cereal production is expected to be overall average to above average in West Africa

  • Seasonal decline in agricultural commodity prices is expected from October onwards

  • Normal fodder and surface water availability has stabilized the pastoral situation throughout the Sahel

Agricultural Cereal Production Outlook looks promising

Agricultural outputs 2017-18 expected to be overall aver-age to above average in the region. Cereal production could reach between 66 and 73 million tons according to the latest PREGEC assumptions. This is a downward cor-rection of variation of -1.4% to + 8% compared to last year and + 9 to 20% in comparison to the 5 year average. Root and tuber crops production figures are estimated to be between 166 and 171 million tons, a variation of 0.05% to 3% compared to last year and increases of 3-9% compared to the 5-year average (2012/16). An overall increase com-pared to the average is also expected for legume crops including cowpea and groundnut. Revised production esti-mates are expected for November 2017, which we will be presented at the next PREGEC in Bamako in Mali. (Source: PREGEC)