Of water, animals and men

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ABECHE (ACTED News) -- ACTED’s programs in Eastern Chad usually include an infrastructure aspect, in the building or rehabilitation of wells to support women, who are usually assigned with the chore of water collection in a difficult context of water scarcity and drought in the Sahelian region. Around its wells, ACTED also builds a series of water and sanitation-related facilities, notably animal drinking water tanks. Preventing water-borne and zoonotic (between man and animal) disease transmission necessitates separating water points destined for human or animal use. Therefore, each construction is designed with a education sessions, in order to keep up good water management and hygiene reflexes.

Though women are keener on the trainings, ACTED strives to bring men to the group activities, using animated flipcharts for greater impact.

With support from the USAID Office for Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) and Paris City Hall, ACTED has been implementing since 2007 a series of programs designed for improving year-round access to water for populations in Eastern Chad, where water resources are scarce, in particular during the dry season.