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UNHCR Chad Update- Nigerian Refugees in the Lake Region 31 March, 2015



Several attacks of Boko Haram at Ngouboua and surrounding areas in February and March 2015, prompted the refugee hosted in the site of Kousseri to relocate to a safer area of Bagasola. As of 31 March, one thousand refugees arrived spontaneously or were relocated by the UNHCR, CNARR and local authorities to Dar Es Salam.

Since Boko Haram attacks, in January 2015, the military installations and the civilian populations in and around the northeastern Nigerian town of Bagakawa, more than 15,000 Nigerian refugees have sought protection in Chad, many of them in the small islands scattered in the Lake.

While a number of refugees crossed the Lake and arrived in Chad, others fled to the northern parts of Cameroon and Niger. Repeated attacks in northern Cameroon, forced some of the hosting Cameroonian population and Nigerian refugees to flee into Chadian territory, most specifically into the Mayo Kebbi East area, at 235 km South of Ndjamena where 1,312 persons are presently relocated.

The volatile security conditions in and around the islands scattered in Lake Chad (including the village of Ngouboua and Tchoukoutalia) and difficult access to these areas prompted the Government of Chad to allocate the site of Dar Es Salam, located some 12 km from Bagasola, for the accommodation of Nigerian refugees.

As of 31 March 2015, Chad is hosting 18,131 Nigerian refugees among whom more than 15,000 arrived in 2015. To date some 4,714 Nigerian refugees are living in Dar Es Salam. In addition to over 110,000 Chadian In addition to 113,000 Chadian Returnees, Chad is hosting, 452,897 iirefugees (including 357,000 Sudanese refugees in Eastern Chad and over 90,000 CAR refugees in Southern Chad) and 1,800 Asylum seekers mostly located in the capital Ndjamena. Many refugees have stayed in Chad for more than a decade and are thus facing a protracted situation.